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Saat Paake Bandha - Watch Full Episode 920 of 8th June 2013

Serial: Saat Paake Bandha
Episode Number:920
Telecast Date: June 08, 2013
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Saat Paake Bandha (Mon-Sat 9 pm) on Zee Bangla is the story of Dushtu, a very sweet girl, a little unlike her name. Her world is full of colour, fragrances, clouds, butterflies and dreams. Unfortunately she has nobody to share it with.
Like other bubbling girls of her age, Dushtu always wants to say something but every time she is misunderstood. She demands only one thing from her mother, her time. Her mother thinks she is acting stubborn and is unnecessarily demanding. This makes Dushtu sad and lonely.
All is not lost! Dushtu's life is about to take yet another dramatic turn. She is about to surrender herself to nuptial bliss.
Will her life partner understand the real Dushtu? Will he understand what she really wants? Will he meet her psychological needs? Or will he also make her feel that no one really understands her?
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